Thursday, October 27, 2016

Masterpiece giveaway?

Hoi jams! I've got some news for you, good news! I'll probably be giving away a kinda good Artymis-copy (yes, being a copyCAT for the second time) masterpiece. This is it:

It's not the best, but it is ok, I guess.
I will give it away on AJCC (not YouTube), but I'm not sure yet, since I'm still waiting to get the original :P
Also, I made it on a spare account of mine (The one I use to play the Forgotten Desert so I don't have to fill Tzatziki with items I don't want XD), so don't be surprised when you see a different username.
 I hope AJHQ accepts this, I actually gave credit to Artymis :P

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Returning item!

Hoi jams! I'm quite sure you know what the returning item is...
Giving this a 9.5 outta 10 because it's member. I like those funny, wacky items AJHQ releases, but not,like, all of them :T

What are your favorite NOTP items, jammers? Mine are:
-Eyeball Antenna
-Bat Zombie Mask
-Zombie Mask
-Robot Mask
-Trick-or-treat Basket
-Ghost Balloon
-Box Head
-Spooky Eyes

Looks like I have quite a lot of favorites!

Fun fact (something I just made up XD):

Acdnrdciog to smoe treihoes, you can raed txet and mkae ssene if its wrods' fsrit and lsat leetrts are the smae, the orehts' oerdr deos not mttaer!

This small test shows how creative you can be. I saw it on a book :P

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Haunted Alpha Portraits!

 Hoi jams! Today, we will be talking about those KAWAII new items that are being around, called Haunted Alpha Portraits! I first saw the Haunted Liza portrait on a video by piegirlsy ,and when I saw it I were all like ''COSMO HAZ 2 BE A ZOMBIE PLS PLS PLS''. Idk why, I'm obsessed with (AJ) zombie koalas.And goats. And pandas.And sloths.
 But then I checked and found out that Cosmo was a ghost, nvm. So here are the Alphas' costumes:

  • Liza: Frankenstein's Bride
  • Graham: Cyborg/ Phantom of the Opera
  • Sir Gilbert: Vampire
  • Cosmo: Ghost
  • Greely: Mummy
  • Tavie: Sea monster (?)
But where's Peck? Ehh? EHHHH? Why all the other Alphas have turned into monsters and Peck didn't?!

Here they are:

 Anyways, that's all for today! Oh, btw, I will be livestreaming NEXT Friday and not today :P

 Now imma just end this post, since nothing at all happened on the 21st.... Bye!

Lol k. K, you got meh. My amazing convincing skills seem to be a failure. This time. 1 year ago, ''today'' (supposing today it is Friday) I became an AJCC author. Also, on October 27th I found a stray kitten. Lol, I posted about little Abeba/Emily (her current name) only once! Well, she was really tiny when I found her, in the middle of the street. She had some sort of cat-asthma, and I kind of saved her. We kept her for a week, and then found her an owner. Now, she is a healthy 1-year-old cat whose favorite hobby is chasing wasps :)
Here's a picture of her when I found her:
Or maybe more pictures of her when I found her o3o:

(This one's a little blurry)

I have more but I can't find them :T

So long, everybody!

(I'll be making one more new siggy soon!)

Friday, October 21, 2016


Hoi jams, unfortunately, since only mimithecool,pegasia and lostfairy managed to stay in the stream for more than 5 minutes XD, I will retry hosting it again tomorrow. Time: same (2:30 CST), Place: My den (Tzatziki), Date: October 23rd. Let me know in the comments if you'll be able to come!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

AJHQ wants to give us BAD LUCK?!

Hoi jams.
I'm upset today.
Look what AJHQ released.

(there is a fun lil' phantom bat, though.)

Aha. So the spooky wishing well probably does the opposite than what you wish.
Okay then,umm, I wish for, um... SCHOOL TOMORROW! Yes, I really want to go to school tomorrow, pls majic well!

Oh, also, I made a few apps! 2 AJ-themed and one simply animal themed! Click the link below to check them out (and install them on a tablet or phone if you want), but first...
Make sure you have an antivirus. The programme I used to make them is trusty, yet it's not Play store so you have to be more careful. I am 99% nothing will happen, though, and I made some quite fun apps you'll probably like :D


Also, a reminder: