Friday, July 29, 2016

Returning Item& Joomag!

Hi ppl!! Yes, I know, I missed the Wednesday post, but I were outside like, all the time!! I came back home at 11 o'clock (23:00) and my dad wouldn't let me use the computer :I
The ''new'' item is obviously the cool hair(Style) Hm. I'm not sure if I like it or not. I mostly don't, but I don't hate it.

Anyways, just I want to do a quick reminder about Flora, my KCP future entry, so make sure to vote for her :P


Also... (Lol awkward XDDDD)

I were trying to find my comment, but AJHQ didn't approve it :Cri:
I asked them why did they remove the headdress and didn't remove items such as the Pharaoh Hat and the Samurai Hat, and then asked them to make a Jamaasian headdress.

Lastly...Guys, do you know what is a RIM headdress worth?
I've tried everything, but no-one accepts >:C
So, if you have traded for one or know someone that has, please tell me what they offered!! I NED A HEADDRESS SO BAD GUYS I GOT A RED LONG TODAY (what an excuse -sarcastic-).


ps. I am hosting 2 competitions in this Joomag. Most prizes are animal drawings :3, but I am also giving away a Flower Carpet (so far).
ps.2: Join this super HEADDRESS giveaway:

Monday, July 25, 2016

RIM, code and My Plushie Blog!

Hoi!! This is da RIM, which should be NON-MEMBER!!!!!!!!


I also found another gem code, arctic (gives 500 gems). But you probably already knew that so...

As you know, at least most of you, I have made a new blog, a plushie series (IT IS NOT READY YET!!!)
Anyways, it is called Acacia Hills and it is Twin Peaks-themed. Imma add that TP music sometime :)
 Okay... remember when I told ya I would do series reviews?? Here is Twin Peaks:

Twin Peaks
Ahaha, my 2nd favorite series!! It is super funny, but make sure to watch the series, not the movie. The movie includes loads of inaproppriate scenes, unlike the series. It's hilarious (althgh it's not a comedy), but you have to be prepared before seeing Bob and the last episode. Of couse, I don't get scared. I BARELY get scared. I LOVE HORROR FILMZ!! But, just in case you are normal (XD), prepare yourselves. No, Bob looks like a human, but he acts very.....yeah. Watch Twin Peaks, it iz gud bc I say so (And so does everyone :D). Ok, the series has some 11+ stuff, but NOT scenes.

And, lastly, A COMPETITION!!
I will try to find a prize now XD Probably a beta or a wristband. (updating)

All you have to do is... SOLVE THE FOLLOWING RIDDLE!!

Flora Killed Several Thousands

Flora killed several thousands of people, but no-one chased after her. Luckily, she never bothered anyone again.
What happened?


Sunday, July 24, 2016


Hi ppl! So, guess what! My panda-obsessed sister now wants the Light-up panda AJ toy,she FINALLY wants to spend money!! I will get another 1,I suppose (99% the tiger). We found a quite good price (best price so far), condition:New, and we're ordering them (from eBay) from England, that means they will probably arrive TWICE as fast as they would arrive from the USA!! They'll probably arrive before I go to the camp :DDDDDD


Also, I made

So fab. I also <3 Zingerz.

Hehe, also...
 A few days ago, I were reading riddles. And I saw a riddle with the name...
''Flora killed several thousands'''



AND, lastly, about Flora...
Guys, Colette (previous Customerpalooza) got 857 votes (I think) but she couldn't defeat Angela DX!
That means I have 0 hopes, and my sister wants to enter too. That means 1 more person trying to defeat me! :cri:
Luckily I have some more chances on winning now that I am here, I entered in all 3 Customerpaloozas and I lost DX!!!

Oki, that's all ppl XD

Friday, July 22, 2016

Quick post...

XDDDDDDDDDDD I randomly found dis!!

Hehe, oki ppl, these are the new items:

We also hit 7194000 views, woo!

I also saw this on a trade list, the Squash Chair, which I think is unreleased.

Ok, that's all for today :P Bye!!

ps. I am trying to get a new wristband to give away. I don't want to give you storebought stuff, guys :3

Thursday, July 21, 2016


CAUTION--------------------DO NOT READ THE POST IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW HOW SLOTHS LOOK LIKE (although I am kinda late, but if you haven't played AJ yet...)