Friday, October 6, 2017



''October, October, the summer is over''
Um never mind XD

Here's my chapter for the Blogger project:

 Pitch dark. Flora could not see anyone, anything, but she could feel the hard ground on her feet. She could easily tell that they were not in Crystal Sands anymore. While litting the torch she stored in her backpack, she noticed some sort of a strange liquid oozing from a crack in the ground. It looked like petrol, but it had a distinctive purple hue which indicated to some unidentified substance. She firstly considered taking a sample, but hesitated afterwards; for all she knew, it could be dangerous. ''Hello?'', she asked, wondering if her friends were still there. Flora was worried yet excited, she strangely enjoyed the whole situation, even though it was rather eerie.
  She started exploring the area, marvelling whether she could find the rest of the bloggers. Gauche as she is, she slipped and dropped her torch, which shattered on the ground. She didn't mind; she would rather reunite with her friends than cry over spilt milk-or,in this case, a broken torch. Her eyes started adapting to the darkness, therefore she could see better. She spotted a gate, which led to a nondescript chamber. As she entered, she found a lit candle. ''Who on earth would light a candle in the middle of nowhere?'', she thought. She picked it up and started looking for the bloggers. She soon found Gracie, Coolestcat and Swirlshine doing exactly what she was doing.The girls were glad to reunite, but there was no time for celebrating. They had to look for the rest of their friends, and as soon as possible.
 The four girls sat on the large oak table in the chamber, and tried to come up with an efficient method to look for the rest of the bloggers. ''We could split in two teams'', Gracie suggested. ''Coolest and I could look in the chamber, and you and Swirl can check the areas surrounding it''.''We should not split, if you ask me-I mean, not only four heads are better than two, but what if something happens to one of the teams? If we stay united, we have more chances on actually staying united'', said Swirl.
 Something caught Flora's attention. A small porcelain teacup, filled with green tea was placed in the table. But what was noteworthy was that the tea in the cup was not exactly green. More like khaki-grey. Her suspicions were confirmed when she decided to take measures- the beverage included lead.By using simple seventh grade physics, it was facile for her to discover the truth. By evaporating the water, it was clear-crystal clear that there wasn't just tea in that teacup. It was loaded with lead, which was dissolved in the atmosphere ''Oh my goodness, look!'' She soon shared her discovery with her friends. The group were startled when they found out that a very toxic substance that was actually threatening for their lives was actually in this room, so they rushed out of it. What was in the entrance, though, truly confounded them.
  It was a Phantom king, glaring at them with his enormous eye. He was at least three meters tall. Big eyes tend to look beauteous, but his glaring was certainly disturbing and intense. He looked far more irksome, far more bothersome than the ones described in the game.But the group knew that he wouldn't hurt them. You see, the Phantom king may look fearsome, but he consists of some gelatinous material,just like jello, and jello has never hurt anyone.
 Unluckily, the king was not the main issue. It was far worse than that. As soon as he arrived, the Phantom watchers got enabled. Those pesky machine-like creatures can roast one like chicken. It was difficult for them to dodge their perilous lasers, until they abruptly stopped shooting. The group were puzzled. They simply could not comprehend what had happened. They shortly found out. The figure of a wolf came into view. It was no other than Greely, the wolf Alpha. The jammers were thrilled to see him, especially Swirlshine, since he was her favourite Alpha.
 ''You should leave'', he boomed. ''Close the portal before Jamaa gets destroyed''. ''We can't close the portal, all of our friends are trapped in there!'', Gracie replied. ''Your friends are safe for now. There are two portals that lead in two different dimensions: the Jammer and The Phantom dimension. They have been knotted, and if they don't get segregated, both will get destroyed. You must find them all, work altogether and shun the dark forces of the phantoms''.
'''' Flora was confused, and so were all of the bloggers. The portal-the blogger portal- reappeared, and so did their friends...Snowlondon, Sarahkey, Ja, Lostfairy, Crazcatlover... all of them! But their adventure was not over yet.

Friday, September 29, 2017

guess what

guess what
the mouse stopped working again
I'm using my mom's laptop atm
Which means no Screeny (screen capturing software)
and no Adobe Flash, therefore no Animal Jam
I'm planning to buy a new mouse tomorrow
If I do so, I will post tomorrow.
I gtg now
Remember this :P?

Wednesday, September 27, 2017


(everyone: um no)
(me: cri)
Well, anyways, I'm making this post to tell you why I skipped so many posts. The mouse of my computer stopped working and I could only use my mom's super-extra laggy laptop. I tried to make numerous posts, but I couldn't. But, as for September 27th,2017, the mouse is working! HOORAY!
But I have to study for a serious exam (UGHHH), so I can't make a proper post atm. Expect a normal one on Friday! Byeeeeee!

best gif in the world

Monday, September 11, 2017

RIM& more

Ooo what an interesting title
doesn't it just draw your attention

ok hi everyone it's me and yeah I decided to stop using punctuation marks
(ok, what on Earth did I do? It's strange; doesn't look like something Crazy Ol' Flora would do.)
Anyways, hiiiii
Welcome do da posttt


But here's the RIM:
My grandma's hat. It costs 900 gems.
Also, here's a very aesthetic masterpiece made by my sister:
(rather important topic)
Ok, so my friends Mfse, Ilovemfse, my sister and I decided to host an AJ talent show, called the Animal Jam Music Academy. It will be quite like the AJ Idol, but better cuz I'm involved (JKJKJKJKJKJKJK). Anyways, let me know if you want to enter. I will post more about it on my next post.

All of my customers have 4 stars (cri)
Pls vote for them:

ok that's all for today folks cyaaaa

Monday, September 4, 2017

RIM& This year's Customerpalooza's entries!

It's been a week.
But anyways, I'm here now.
So, hoi jams, and welcome to another post.
This is today's RIM:
Meh. If only it was brown and brown, like a typical violin. 3/10, bravo AJHQ.
Also, these are my Customerpalooza entries for KCP 2017!
I love my username

(O,O Odelia looks like GellyJones XD)

Anyways, that's all for today, Jammers!
Cya soon!